The Ark

The oldest building still in active use in Tadcaster is The Ark, a half-timbered building built in the late 15th Century. The building was a meeting place where the Pilgrim Fathers are reputed to have met to plan their voyage to America and an exact replica exists in the Berlin Center, Ohio. Throughout its life the Ark has been a meeting place, a post office, an inn, a butchers, a private house and a museum.

It is called “The Ark” as the two carved corbel figures on the exterior are said to be Noah and his wife, but it was known as Morley Hall in the 17th Century and was licensed for Presbyterian meetings.

In 1992, Tadcaster Town Council purchased the premises and to this day it is still used as the Council Offices and Council Chamber.

Visitors are welcome during office opening hours 9 – 12, Monday to Thursday.

Address: The Ark, 33 Kirkgate, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, LS24 9AQ
Telephone: 01937 834113
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